Mexico | Medium-Dark Roast

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Roaster Notes


REGION: Oaxaca, Mexico
Co-Op: La Aurora
ALTITUDE: 1,250 M above sea level
PROCESS: Fully Washed / Patio Drying
HARVEST MONTHS: February-April


CUPPING NOTES: Brown Sugar, Cherry, Milk Chocolate


A sweet cup that is well bodied that has a nice lingering finish. La Aurora coffee comes from Sierra Norte, Oaxaca, on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Small farms of 2 to 4 hectares produce coffee under the natural shade of the jungle and allow them access to minerally rich soil while protecting the region’s biodiversity. The micro-climate of Sierra Norte, between Sierra Central and Sierra Cosolapa on the Pacific coast of Mexico, allows for a slow maturation of the cherry. In combination with a slow fermentation process, a fully washed process, and sun-dried in patios, the result is a sweet profile with rich chocolate notes, vanilla, and a clean finish.