Coffee is our passion

It all started with a love for coffee and the  satisfaction that coffee brings to people everyday. After experiencing freshly roasted coffee I could never go back to drinking ordinary coffee. It’s hard to find locally roasted coffee in this area and always required a long trip on a weekend, which sacrifices time with family.

Here at Loud’n Roasted, we bring you the freshest coffee you’ll experience at a price that is the most affordable in the area, conveniently  in your neighborhood. We use 100% Arabica coffee beans that are ethically sourced and if Organic is important to you, we offer several options!

How it Works?

It’s simple, first order through our site or by phone. Then, we promise a 24-48 hour turn around of your freshly roasted coffee to order. Finally, your order is ready for pick-up or out for delivery. We communicate through email, you can expect an email when you complete the order, when the order is received and when the order is ready!

Just like that, it’s that simple!

How we Roast?

We roast your coffee using clean hot air. The cleanest roasting method on you and our environment.

Our advanced air roasting technology produces the most evenly and consistently roasted coffee beans. While achieving the cleanest and brightest flavor notes.

Hot air roasting protects you from the hydrogen sulfide exposure that traditional steel drum would expose you to. This technique preserves the awesome flavor of coffee while eliminating the added acidity that the hydrogen sulfide brings.

Coffee is always a good idea and life is just too short for mediocre coffee!


Chantilly, VA 20152,
United States of America

Phone: 7039570595